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  • Cady Holdings, LLC

    • HellaFilms – Aerial photography and videography are helping the real estate industry. In a world where technology is becoming increasingly savvy in the business world, you want to ensure you’re staying on top of the tech world – and in turn one step ahead of your competitors. Finding the latest technology to enhance your business operations has never been easier.

      Specializing in Cinema or Ultra 4K Aerial Photography for Rands Land and Real Estate Licensed & Insured Operator nationwide currently in TX LA FL CO & FL

    • HellaJuster – Licensed Insurance Adjuster with drone aerial risk assessment photography in Ultra 4K. This is a quick, safe, efficient method to assessment documentation. Each of our video frames (30-50 fps) can be a high definition photo. A unique practice to quickly cover property currently in TX LA CO & FL

  • Producing oil and gas in Texas and Oklahoma.

  • Residential builder in Texas.

Cinema 4K Aerial Drone Photography

Real Estate AerialsHellaFilms™

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Colorado & Texas

Oil & Gas

New Home Construction

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Brent Cady, ACS, UAS



Texas and Colorado

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